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Winches for weekends and wet weather!

Big plans for the weekends usually include some type of 4×4 activity for us here at ORA. Rain or shine, we love conquering northern Ontario’s mountains and mudslides. Sometimes our drives along muddy and wet trails turn into more of a race against time to get our Jeep or someone else’s 4×4 unstuck!

In these sticky situations, we rely on top of the line kit, so we aren’t left stranded in the middle of a trail with a line building up behind us. One of our favourite recovery items are Warn Winches. These top brand 4×4 winches are reliable, their quality is outstanding in every aspect, and their limited lifetime warranty is excellent. Warn offers winches in various sizes and capacities, which can be overwhelming when trying to decide which one will best suit your needs.

Warn VR8: tough winch, great price

The Warn VR8 is priced very competitively, while still offering the brand quality and durability everyone has come to expect from Warn. From its durable steel rope, waterproof Albright control, and ‘best in class’ load-holding cone brake for superior control, the Warn VR8 is superior even in their economical line of winches. CLICK TO PURCHASE

Warn ZEON 10: our most popular 4×4 winch

Our most popular Warn winch that we sell online and in-store is the ZEON 10. It includes:

  • Durable seals to withstand water and mud
  • A large diameter winch drum which reduces rope wear
  • 10,000 pound pulling capacity

The ZEON 10 is a great workhorse off road winch that will get you out of all sorts of trail troubles for years to come. CLICK TO PURCHASE

Warn Zeon 12-S: top of the class

The Warn Zeon 12-S is the creme de la creme of winches.

  • This rugged winch boasts a 12,000 pound pulling capacity, and comes with with spydura synthetic rope that will haul you (or your friends) easily out of a sticky spot.
  • The Zeon 12-S wireless remote puts all controls in the palm of your hand, so no more standing in the mud fiddling with controls with cold fingers!
  • The durable aluminum structure delivers durability and maximum corrosion resistance, exceeding 400 hours of salt spray testing.


Keep moving with Warn this summer

Warn has elevated the game with their endless choices of 4×4 off roading winches, from their standard duty to their ultimate performance. With a Warn winch, you won’t be stranded up on Greens Mountain with no tow truck in sight!

We would love to hear your experiences with your Warn winches – just post your awesome photos on Twitter or Instagram with the hash tag #offroadaddiction, or send us an email.

And if you haven’t hit the trails on Green Mountain yet, here’s a taster of what to expect… 

Happy OffRoading!