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Top 5 Truck Christmas Gifts Under Two Hundred Dollars (2019)

Top 5 Truck Christmas Gifts Under $200 (2019)

6 days away…

That’s how much time you have left to get your special someone that perfect Christmas gift(s). We’ve all been there, you’ve left your shopping as late as possible and you really don’t know what to get; that’s where we come in!

If your significant other has a truck, you already know how much they love it. This Christmas, take the guessing out of your vehicle shopping with our top 5 Truck Gifts Under $200. Here’s the list:


1. WeatherTech Front Floor Liners

Whether it’s rocks, snow, salt, mud or sand, you can expect it to stick to your shoes. If that’s the case, where do you think it will end up? That’s right; riding with you in your truck. Not only do these sediments damage the interior of your vehicle, but compounds such as salt can accelerate rusting. Therefore, it’s imperative you keep all of these where they belong: outside. The WeatherTech Front Floor Mats come in various colours, and fit a multitude of vehicles. You can expect to scoop a front set up in the price range of $150-$190 (depends on your truck make/size).   


2. AVS Bug Deflector

Bug deflectors are vital for preventing debris and insects from entering your engine and windshield area. Not only does this reduce damage, it makes for a much cleaner look on your truck, too. For this product, we recommend the AVS Bug Deflector. They have black or colour matching options. The price varies depending on your truck or colour selection, but you can expect to scoop one up in the $150-$170 range. What a deal!


3. DeeZee Tail Gate Assist

Whether you have your hands full, or are just looking to reduce damage to your truck, you need this piece of equipment. After installation (which is easy), you can simply open the tail gate latch and walk away. The DeeZee shock then absorbs the drop-down force, ensuring a smooth and slow opening. This is a must have on any truck, and you can acquire this for ONLY $35!   


4. Rampage Tailgate Light Bar  

Looks and Safety. I don’t know about you, but these are two things near and dear to our hearts; especially the latter.  The Rampage Tailgate Light Bar perfectly integrates with a wide range of truck bumpers. With its easy installation and LED visibility capabilities, it will give you an extra layer of driving safety, and enhance the beauty of your beast. They come in a variety of colour options, and you can pick one up in the $115-$125 range (depends on selection).


5. Off Road Addiction Gift Card

You know we had to add this in, right? With 15 years of providing aftermarket services and our established supplier network, we have access to over 100,000 products varying in price and performance. A gift card with us will give your special someone a step in the right direction of building their dream truck. We recommend, for trucks, a $200 gift card. Our product experts will assist in finding the right option for you, and ensure we stay within the budget!

If there are any parts on here that you’re interested in grabbing, or have questions about, we’re all ears!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas everyone!

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