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Top 5 Jeep Christmas Gifts Under 100 Dollars (2019)

Top 5 Jeep Christmas Gifts Under $100 (2019)

The countdown is on!

Day by day, Christmas is getting closer. If you’re like us, you probably love the holiday season; not just because it’s quality time with family, or that you’re able to gorge mountains of delicious food, but because it’s the perfect time to get some new Jeep gear! We all have big things on our Jeep wish list, whether for ourselves or our significant others – but, unless your Santa is the kind of guy that brings you a new supercharger annually, you’re likely going to be working with a smaller budget.

It is possible to buy presents for Jeepers without breaking the bank, and here’s our list of 5 things you need this Christmas that are under $100:


  1. Rugged Ridge Door Entry Guards

You name it: snow, salt, mud or rocks; they all stick to your shoes, so it’s imperative you have something protecting your Jeep when you get in it. With its Automotive Grade 3M Tape, these guards easily adhere to your frame and will stand up to the test of time. Not to mention, the thread provides a nice grip for you or your passengers which helps prevent slipping when entering or exiting your Jeep. These are available for your Jeep TJ, JK, JL or Gladiator. Pricing ranges from $30 to $65.


  1. Tire Deflator

When you’re hitting the trails, do it like a professional; drop your tire pressure to ensure maximum performance. This product isn’t necessarily for everyone, but if you or the person you’re buying it for is serious about off roading, this is a must. We recommend two brands: ARB, and the Combat Off Road Tire Deflator! 


  1. Rugged Ridge LED 3rd Brake Light

When the weather outside is frightful, your safety is priority. The next time you tap those brakes, let the LED 3rd Brake Light from Rugged Ridge ensure the person behind you can’t have the excuse “I didn’t see you stop.” We should also note, it looks way cooler than the stock small brake light hidden by the spare tire. This light is available for both the Jeep JK and Jeep JL, and is under $100!


  1. Bullet Antenna

You own a Jeep Wrangler? Now we’re talking. Oh, but you have a stock Antenna? This Christmas, let’s switch out that whip antenna for a tougher look like the Shorty 50 Cal Bullet Antenna (see image above). Or, alternatively, you could try the 13” Stubby Antenna from Rugged Ridge. This way, the next time you’re on the trails or in a car wash, your antenna doesn’t fly around faster than these products come off the shelf. They’re made to fit your Wrangler, or can easily be added to it with an adapter. Pick one of these up between $30 and $70.


  1. Combat Off Road Fuel Door

Lets be honest, Canada’s elements are harsh. Don’t leave your poor gas cap exposed sand, mud, or snow. Adding a fuel door will prevent debris from building up, while giving your Jeep some additional style. Although there are locking doors available, we recommend non-locking doors (we find the locks can never stand up to our winters). The Combat Off Road Fuel Door is available for both the JK and the JL; did we mention it has a life time warranty?

If there are any parts on here that you’re interested in grabbing, or have questions about, we’re all ears!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas everyone!


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