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Best overland tents for offroad adventures

Top three tents for overlanding

This biggest trend we have been seeing these past few years combined with offload trails, is overlanding. The popular camping and exploring term overlanding has gained popularity from big TV series showcasing how to live off the land, and the art of traversing unknown areas.

While most of us skip the living off the land part, we all need a comfortable place to sleep at night! We need a tent that will properly protect us from the elements, so we’re not up at 2am digging trenches to divert water from flowing in the tent and soaking everything!

With all the options out there, we took a look at our three top tents to go camping in.

#1 – ARB Series III Rooftop Tent

Our number one seller is the ARB Series III Rooftop tent. This tent has been updated with improved material, making it better strength, rigidity, and water-resistant. The ARB rooftop tent has sleeping quarters up off the ground protecting you from wildlife and elements, which has me sold right there!

The tent also unpacks in minutes, and the bedding can be left in place, freeing up more space in your 4×4 vehicle. The ARB rooftop tent definitely delivers ease of use, and convenience while traveling.

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#2 – ARB Aluminum Awning & ARB Touring Awning Room With Floor

Our second favourite set up, put together and used by one of our guys is the ARB aluminum awning & ARB Touring Awning Room with floor. The combination allows to have a quick pull out shade area.

When you’re ready to set up camp, the room attaches right on the underside of the awning. It features a fully enclosed room with a durable floor, two mesh windows that roll up, a zippered front door, and a central door that can be used to access your rear vehicle door.

Quick & easy access with loads of room makes this ARB overloading combination a must have.

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Aluminium Awning:


Awning Room w/Floor:


#3 – ARB Skydome Waterproof Canvas Swag Double Tent

The last tent we looked at is the ARB Skydome Waterproof Canvas Swag Double tent. This tent is an awesome design that incorporates a high density corrugated foam mattress and doesn’t need any pegs or ropes to set up.

We loved the skydome option of this tent to be able to be stargazing in a dry comfortable tent, and helps with ventilation, and that it is very roomy inside. Because this doesn’t require any mounting to vehicles, it’s the best option for a great tent if you want to park, and camp in a different area.

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ARB makes quality products, and is our go-to brand for overlanding accessories. ARB continuously improves their product and keeps up with the safety aspect, so it’s no wonder we all prefer it. Let us know what you think about your ARB tent and overlanding experiences with it, and yes, we’d love pictures too!

Happy Offroading!