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5 Great Off-Road Camping Trips in Ontario

The owners of 4×4 off road vehicles are all about adrenaline and enjoying the outdoors behind the wheel as they drive through the wilderness without a paved road or any assurance of the next turn or obstacle up ahead. Ontario happens to have some of the most outrageous trails leading through its beautiful wilderness. For those that come to the capital of Canada to experience the rush of adrenaline on a 4×4 trail, get prepared to camp out. You’ll find that there are campgrounds throughout Ontario that are nearby some of the best trails. In fact, some of these campgrounds even provide off-roaders with trails on-site.
  1. Ganaraska Forest
The Ganaraska Forest includes 11,000 acres of lush wilderness. Throughout the forest you’ll find all types of trails but the ones that permit motorized vehicles are located in the West and East Forest areas. There is a yearly or daily fee for children and adults who choose to come to Ganaraska to camp or use the motorized trails. With the length of the trails throughout the park, prepare for nearly anything. The paths for 4×4’s and other all-terrain vehicles quickly go from wide to narrow and can turn sharply to one side or the other in an instant. It’s wise to purchase one of the parks colored trail maps before making your way through its wilderness.
  1. Concession Lake Trail
The Concession Lake Trail is an unmanaged off-road trail open year-round with a difficulty level of 2 out of 5 stars. The 20.47 km trail features rocky areas, elevation changes, pools of water, and areas with thick mud. Obviously heavy rainfall will increase the amount of water and mud discovered on the trail. Although there isn’t on-site camping, there are many campgrounds nearby the trail including Woodland Camp Site, Lilac Lodge and Trailer Park, and Lonesome Pine.
  1. California Road Trail
This 10 km trail showcases some of Ontario’s best scenery and was once part of a local settlement. The trail is relatively rough and unmaintained. You’ll discover old logging roads and hunting camps so you must stay aware of your surroundings at all times. As you drive through with your 4×4, expect wetlands, rocks, deep dirt ruts, thick brush, and narrow passages. The longer you drive on the trail, the tougher it gets before it meets the main road. Some of the campgrounds near the California Road Trail include the Black Donald Tent and Trailer Park, Reids Lake Campground and the Opeongo Mountain Resort, among many others.
  1. Ahmic Lake Trail
This 42 km long dirt and gravel trail is of moderate difficulty. As you take on this remote trail you’ll discover many places of interest including places to fish, the Knoepfli Falls, the Magnetawan River, a cemetery, and other historical sites. So don’t forget to bring your camera. Campsites near the Ahmic Lake Trail include the beautiful Ahmic Lake Resort, Camp Klahanie and the Duins Pineridge Resort.
  1. Gun Mountain Loop Trail
Located near the Madawaska Valley, this 4.3 km loop trail is of moderate difficulty for off-roaders and offers plenty of activities along its route. Varied terrain, steep inclines, sharp turns, rocks, wetlands, and other obstacles are certainly to be expected. Reaching 151 m in elevation, you’ll witness some of the most breathtaking views as you look aside from the forested area. Camping is available all around the Gun Mountain Loop Trail and Madawaska Valley. Some of the best campsites to stay include the Barwick Camp, Bevaline Cottage Resort and the Pine Cliff Resort. Author: Jason Mueller