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Come on in and check out our fantastic facility adjacent to the St. Thomas airport. Massive showroom, 5 full bays, fully enclosed compound and tons of space and parking for special events!

45025 Talbot Line at the St. Thomas Ontario.



Yup, it’s a Lava jacket connected to the back seat extension tube. That’s right, the kids in the back seat can stay warm and toasty too.

There’s nothing like hootin’ down the highway topless and door less. It can be a little challenging on those chilly mornings.

The Lava jackets, turn those shivers into GRINS! The Lava jackets keep you warm by connecting to your Jeep’s heater ducts, turning the jacket into a lava like cocoon.

No Jeep, no problem, the Lava jackets are great wind breakers. They look cool too!

We have these in stock, we can ship one to you, or come and pick one up from our St Thomas location.

Call Us… Phone:519-451-6076 Toll Free: 877-309-7623

New from ACE… JK Fender Delete Kits

Great for OFF ROAD WARRIORS who need low weight and maximum tire clearance. ACE Engineering has developed a kit to strengthen
and finish the edges of the JK body where the fender flares were attached giving it a finished aggressive look as well as hardcore protection.

We have these in stock, we can ship one to you, or come and pick one up from our St Thomas location.

Call Us… Phone:519-451-6076 Toll Free: 877-309-7623

Complete Viair kit with in cab pressure gauge, tank, compressor hose and more!

On Board Air Systems… ARB – Viair

It’s been a long day on the trail, now it’s time to hit the highway. You, like most off roaders, now have to air your tires back up to road pressure… lets face it, 6psi just doesn’t cut it for the highway, not to mention it’s dangerous and will destroy your $300 plus tires at highway speed. We’ve all tried using those cheapo air compressors you can buy at the big box stores. Yeah, they’re ok for airing up your rubber duck your kid’s bike tire…

37 inch tires… NADDA! That’s like blowing bubbles in a sand storm. There are a lot of air compressors on the market which are ok for entry level, but they just don’t last.


If you off road more than 2 or 3 times a year and want something that will last, you will appreciate having a good and reliable way of airing up your tires. Two great product as are available… ARB and Viair. ARB is well known for it’s use in the Outback of Australia and New Zealand and Viair right here in North America. Viair is better known for airbag systems in hotrods and slammed vehicles. Both brands build compressors and systems for for reliability and higher duty cycles needed for airing up 35 inch and up tires. Great for air mattresses too! These can also be used with air tools for short cycles when used with tanks.